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Which track bike

brixtonbiker66brixtonbiker66 Posts: 56
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I am upgrading from a fuji track to a new track bike for racing and trainning at herne hill (mostly)

I don't want to spend much over £1000 for a complete bike and something that i can keep and upgrade over time.

I would like to get something on cyclescheme if i could.

So far i am interested in

Dolan Track Champion £800

Felt tk3 £665

Fuji track pro 08 £749

fuji track 09 - £1149 ... 215-8.html

Planet X track £499 (frame) and they have a new track build coming soon which i am very interested in.

or anything else you can recommend.

I would like to use tubs as well.

Should i build a bike up or buy off the peg?


  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    I’ve got absolutely nothing against the off-the-peg track bikes but for the money you’re looking to spend I would be much more inclined to recommend that you do your own spec/build around the Dolan Track Champ (or the Planet X if you want a CF frame). I’ll admit up front that I am very biased towards the Dolan as the Track Champ is one of two Dolan track frames that I have and I think it’s a great frame.

    I think there is too much compromise with the build of the off-the-peg bikes and you’ll end up changing some or all of the control/contact points/wheels anyway so why not spec it ‘right’ and how you want it straight away?

    You can work directly with Dolans to spec the bike more or less how you want it or for example, only buy frame/forks/seat post, chainset and wheels (like I did) and source the right bars, stem and saddle yourself.

    Just some options for you to consider but I hope this helps.
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • Thanks Eddy,

    Yes, I think you are right about the compromise with a off the peg. Paying for parts i will not use.

    also have only ridden a steel and an aluminum track bike.

    Love the look of the planet x carbon frame, what is carbon like on the track?

    Think it will be a Planet x or a Dolan track champion.

    I know i want deda pista or Velocita bars as i like the feel of those
    Seat i have a prolog which i like..Deda Newton Pista Stem, tyres Vittoria pista.

    Wheels not sure but see alot of Navigator Pista are they OK?, i want tubulars

    Advice on Chainset, BB and seat post anything else i might need ?

    GB cycles can do Planet X on cyclescheme so that will save some money, although they charge £145 to admin it!!
    So if i spend £1000, i will save 31% (I cant claim the VAT)
    so £1000 - 310 + 145 = £835

  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    I got the Dolan Track Champ frame and an uncut fork to cut to required length, then bought my own bits seperately. I've got a lovely and fairly distinctive looking bike for about £800, but the parts are better than the standard ones the full Dolan comes with. Doing that also means you can choose the handlebars etc you usually use, and stick with what you know works for you. I went for the same handlebar I know I get on with on the road bike (Dead shallow drop, non-anatomic). The Deda Pista bars would be way too low for me. I'd have to have a huge amount of fork spacers in, as I have a lot of seat post showing (long femurs). Miche chain rings/crank sets are generally agreed to be decent quality and they produce a range across the price spectrum so you can always upgrade later. No idea on wheels sorry. I use Ambrosio clinchers:
  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    Tony, just to cover some more of your questions:

    Chainsets and BBs – If your budget will run to it the Sugino 75 or Shimano 7710 chainset with their respective BBs really are worth the money and you’ll never need to upgrade. If those extend your budget too much, the new Miche chainset is worth a look. What ever you end up getting if it’s not any of these 3, make sure it’s 144 PCD – this makes buying or borrowing track chainrings so much easier.

    Bars and stem – Unless you’re (exclusively) sprinting you might want to consider a similar set up to your road bike as suggested by Blonde. Don’t forget that the Newton Pista stem slopes downwards quite acutely so it will radically alter your riding position. I run a standard Newton stem on my Track Champ to achieve the right position rather then the right look (and I am a sprinter).

    Wheels – The Navigator Pista wheels are a good track league wheel if you want to run tubs. The next step up (Navigator Carbons, Planet-X 50s, Campag Pista, etc, etc) will probably take you over budget. The only thing to remember (and this has been covered before) is that a tub that lasts and works well outside at HH probably won’t be that great indoors. The Vittoria Pistas (the cheaper non EVO model) you mentioned are an ok compromise. But, if you are intent on running tubs, you will need a spare set of wheels of some sort because you will get punctures and without spares, that will end your racing/training.
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
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