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strained ligaments inside+outside of ankle

altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
came off bike in peaks on friday,turned ankle both ways,had xrays nothing broken(only had xrays done of ankle tho),foot and ankle have swollen up big time,bruising on inside and outside of ankle,i can walk on foot but ive got a lot of pain if i gently touch outside of ankle bone,pain feels like when i broke my toes when i was 12,should i go back to hospital or leave it for a few days??????

doc said in hospital if i couldnt walk on it after 5 days to go back,which i can walk on it........... :(


  • A sprained ankle will swell up nicely a good few hours after the event and you can find it twice the size when you wake up the following day. That's entirely normal.

    If you notice any additional swelling after that period, that's not down to putting excessive stress on it (which in the case of a sprained ankle can include very mild walks) then it may be worth going back and getting it checked out.

    Pain and bruising is to be expected though. A lot of people find it one of the most painful experiences. Besides going back to the doc if you're unsure, the best thing you can do now is to rest it until the pain subsides. Once you feel more comfortable you can start getting it back to strength with some mild exercises (making circles with your foot while sitting watching tv, standing on one foot, etc). Healing times vary a lot though.
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    cheers for that,doc at hospital said to walk on it as much as i could tho,said if i didnt my ankle would become lazy and i could go back over on it again......

    swelling is going down,toes are black and blue at mo tho.....

    ive done ligaments in other ankle before so know what ive got to do to get strength back,good job daughter has trampoline as this is one of the exercises you have to do,is hop on one leg on it,lol.......

    cheers anyway mate.......
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