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Folding Bike

rich grich g Posts: 124
edited May 2009 in Tour & expedition
Hi can i take my folding bike on a plane as a suit case rather than when i take my normal bike i have to pay extra.
Thanks Rich


  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    when I take a dahon abroad I put it in a suitcase dismantled so that the case is a standard size large one; but so far i have still booked it on a s a bike and labelled it all over as such with chalk. I am scared that I might get to the desk and have problems getting it on if I pretend it is normal luggage, though really that bit irritates me and I am probably worrying unnecessarily there. the main thing is that with the bike, repair kit etc and the suitcase I have got so close my weight limit that I can barely take spare socks which gets me in trouble with the wife.
    If weight is not a problem I think you should be ok but you might have to be prepared to book it on as a bike if they insist . Then hope they will find room for it. Ryan Air in particular, but not exclusively, have some staff who seem to have a combative attitude by default .

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  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    ...Yeah, so check ahead!

    I'm pretty sure the airnimal comes in a suitcase? I guess that isn't helpful, but they look cool.

    BTW I'm pretty sure if you take it on IN a suitcase, you'll be okay. The only problem I can think of is with weight.
  • Michael FalkMichael Falk Posts: 169
    I just took an Airnimal in its case plus my other piece of luggage Australia to Argentina. No problems at all. The allowance though is a relatively generous 2X 23kg. The packed Airnimal including pump, spare tyre & tubes weighed about 21kg. This though, is probably not the trip you're about to take!

  • CPeacheyCPeachey Posts: 1,057
    I take the Bike Friday folding tandem in 2 "standard" size Carlton cases. Total weight each with spares and some luggage is 20Kg each case. (Tandem=2 passengers)
    Clothes go in a rear pannier as cabin baggage.
    At no time have I said it was a bike nor has it been questioned.
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
    Theres lots of Soft padded Bags on the market for folders Dahon,Brompton,Raleigh, all do a version. and some of these fold into a bumbag..See Folding bike bags on Ebay.These might be better .If using these use some bubblewrap or other padding for extra protection...42lbs is about bthe average bag allowance..A bike weighs 25-30lbs thats.enough for the bike and a bit of luggage..Avoiding small bike chrges are not worth the hassle.just .£15 on easyjet..
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