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Patellofemoral pain syndrome..

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
Diagnosed today - "patellofemoral pain syndrome with an aggravated fat pad caused by :

1. Overactive/built up outside quadriceps
2. Underactive and sluggish inner quad
3. Tight ITB + tight quads"

I've been given a routine of stretches and some exercises aimed at the inner quad which I will follow religiously. Apparently I'm ok to keep cycling whilst following this as long as I'm sitting and spinning. Good news as I'm etaping again this year and time off now would be fatal!

Just wondered whether anyone else has experience of this condition? How long did rehab take? Anything I should know / look for etc?????

Thanks in advance!


  • BigG67BigG67 Posts: 582
    What ever you do take it seriously. I didn't last winter and spent 7 weeks off the bike :cry:

    When I did get treatment and worked on it things got better in a couple of weeks but to be honest I still get a bit of discomfort every now and then.
  • garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
    I still get problems with it, despite following physio advice, but it has got much better. It can take awhile.

    My problem was actually a weak gluteal muscle, which was affecting the rotation of the knee joint. Weak glutes / weak abductors are also a common cause of retropatellar pain.
  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,697 ... ance-17010

    I have the 4 page article from the August 2008 edition of C+ mentioned in the comments. Could photocopy it if anyone needs a copy.
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  • StevieDexterStevieDexter Posts: 142
    I think I may have this problem too. Am off to the docs tomorrow and am going to speak to a friend who is an osteopath specialising in joint movement.

    Have found a lot of articles online so hopefully I can rectify any problems.

    Simon E... If you are still on here... I'd love a copy of the article.... if you still have it! :D
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