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Juciy 3 brake pads

Hayze DayzHayze Dayz Posts: 28
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Hi all,

I am a little stuck, I have just noticed that I have word down my rear brake pads, I was wondering do I have to change front and rear at the same time or can the front wait as they are ok. Also should I go for ceramic or gold sintered pads. I currently ride canal tow paths and the follow the dog trail in cannock.

Thank you :lol:


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    replace the pads in the caliper at the same time. if the other end is fine no need to change but it may be prudent to have a spare set in the camelback.
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  • ewan323ewan323 Posts: 15
    If your not doing a lot of wet muddy ride's, which will eat through the organic pads, your fine to stay with them, the sintered pads have a longer life but can wear out the rotor faster but thats only through a lot of use.
    F|or the type of riding you say you do I would stick with the organic pads.
  • Hayze DayzHayze Dayz Posts: 28
    Thank you for your advice, no to actualy get some as my LBS is out of stock. :P
  • jdpjdp Posts: 26
    Order direct from , free delivery and I got mine next day!
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