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Need to train for a race in two weeks time.

rampage7110rampage7110 Posts: 89
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Hi, I've been riding for around 4 years, but only got back into it last summer after a 10 year break!
I'm planning on racing in a couple of weeks time and need to improve my climbing.

I have always had knee problems since I was young. This is why I have to get off and walk on long climbs normally, every thing else seems to be able to cope (breathing, legs etc).
I get a large build up of pain in my legs and have to stop, carrying on walking is fine, it's just I need to stop riding. Sometimes even a 10 second break is enough!

I think my technical skill is fine, it's just this knee problem. I get it with flat pedals or SPD's.

I ideally need to build up my fitness for this race. Focusing mainly on my knee's.
I am a member of a gym and use a Leg Extension machine. I also do a couple of knee stretches before every ride and gym session.

Thanks in advance.


  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    Hmmm, I remember somewhere that specialized do shoes for people with knee problems. The sole of the shoe is tilted slightly (probably makes you walk like John Wayne :lol: ) to give your knee a more natural range of motion.

    Don't know if that helps?
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