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New Bike!!!

junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,727
edited April 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Picked up a nice shiny new bike today!

Kona Dawg Supreme 2008 - £1800...


Looking forward to getting down to Wales for some awesome singletrack riding!

...Went to Afan the easter weekend and took my freeride hardtail, the NS Surge, but it was just impossible to get up the hills, downhills it was amazing fun, but wanted to get a bike that is nice and light yet strong enough to take a bit of a beating on the downhill runs so went for the Dawg, and at the price I paid and the components that are on the bike its a right bargain and I'm well happy with it, can't wait for next months trip back down to Wales to give it a propper ride!

Comments welcome!


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