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My Stumpy

Andy_FSRAndy_FSR Posts: 23
edited April 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Specilized Stuntjumper Comp 08



  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    nice bike bud, r they 203mm rotors up front, they seem huge?
  • Andy_FSRAndy_FSR Posts: 23
    Cheers mate. Yeah they are. My mate bought same bike at the same time and his disks are not as big. Dont know why mine came with the 203mm, not complaining thought :lol:
  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    do u find the forks move under such intense braking a 203mm rotor could bring?
  • Andy_FSRAndy_FSR Posts: 23
    I havent really noticed that much to be honest, but when i come to think about it, yeah they would do if you hit them hard. But i havent really used the brakes that hard yet! You just need to feather them, and they work great.
  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    bet they do mate! my Hope along with 180mm rotors make my fox's shuder under braking but they stop so so well!
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    The forks will have a max rotor size and I bet it's under 203mm!! I'd seriously look at down sizing as it'll be fine now but after a while it could cause serious problems.
  • I nearly bought a stumpy before I decided on a hardtail so did some research. 203 rotors are standard on any frame larger than medium. Bet your mate is a little smaller than you!
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