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tablets powders to take touring

inaperfectworldinaperfectworld Posts: 362
edited April 2009 in Tour & expedition
can anyone recommend pawder/tablets etc for dissolving in water bottle that will take up minimal room when going abroad? i know they may not be necessary but i feel psychologically reassured that if the going gets hard it's not electrolytes going wrong


  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449
    The SIS powder is pretty good, the lemony one is less sickly than the blackcurrent one - but it's quite heavy to carry around. Best decant into screw top plastic containers and use in emergencies rather than as a matter of course, I would say.
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  • rouhagerouhage Posts: 35
    When we went across France in 2005, we used some Isostar tablets (they came in a tube) which we used everyday. I seem to remember we got them from Decathlon. They were a lot more convenient than taking a big bag of powder with us. Not sure if they are still available.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    If you just want electrolytes, as opposed to an energy drink you might want to look at these: ... oductId=12
  • Chaz.HardingChaz.Harding Posts: 3,228
    Hmmm, I think I'll agree with andymiller, those electrolytes-only mix tablets look sensible. Energy AND electrolyte mixes (SiS, Torq etc) use simple carbs (sugar) as energy, which is good if your in a race, but the peaks-and-troughs effect of sugary drinks on a looooong multi-day chilling-out, enjoying the scenery ride is probably not what your after.

    But, at the end of the day, whatever works for you!
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  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    I agree I like to manage my carb and electrolytes seperately, most of us carry two bottles so stick the energy drink in one (if required) and electrolytes in the other, this way its easier to manage intake, ie. more electrolyte on a warm day.
  • if you just want electrlytes nuun tablets are pretty good and are available at a lot of bike shops in the UK eg chain reaction cycles, active sports etc. You can just add them to water but I always add them to a energy drinks, because the bottom line is if your riding the bike and sweating you're using energy!
  • caw35slrcaw35slr Posts: 439
    Nuun or Zyme electrolyte tablets come in handy tubes and dissolve in water and the flavours are light and inoffensive. Available from the usual suspects (CRC, Wiggle, et al).

    I do the same as deal: one bottle for energy drink (my preference is High5 4+1 but YMMV), one for electrolyte.

    Oh, and the empty Zyme/Nuun tubes are useful for storing doses of energy drink powder for roadside mixing.
  • tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
    But but surely if your touring you get to eat proper food? Bananas at a push!

    That said, my last one we bought huge bags of pic'n'mix. Just like Chris Hoy (possibly).
  • GyatsoLaGyatsoLa Posts: 667
    Just a point (from experience) about taking powders on tour - unless you are staying in nice hotels with hot water, for hygiene reasons you should bring some bicarbonate or similar to wash out bidons every evening - otherwise the insides start to resemble a petri dish.

    Also, sugar free gum is a bit of an essential if you are sipping energy drinks all day, if you don't want to rot away your teeth.
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