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my bicycle project

smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
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right, so heres the bicycle i got off my mate recently, it belonged to his brother who has moved away and left it in the garage.


tyres are worn down and tubes have had it so those were the first things ive purchased.
next thing that was missing was a seat clamp as a 'friend' borrowed it.
baught a bicycle cover as the bike will be staying outside and ill be after a decent lock.
and i purchased a set of new grips off of ebay so waiting for those now.
just waiting for it to become thursday and head off to lidl to get a gel seat cover and a speedometer.
I sorted out the rear brake today as it wasnt evan touching the rim but it just needed a bit of adjustment so im happy about that! :D

so once i get some more stuff done ill keep this thread updated with pictures.

happy for all feedback



  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    Why the F1 tyre in the background? :lol:
    Now that we are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. ROMANS 15:1
  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    i have to ask mate, how much did u buy it of your mate for? the only reason i ask is cos u have to have a little think what you want out of a bike before u start chucking money at it etc...
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    my brother got a set of tyres free when he went to a renault sport thingy, they came off of a megane race car i think, there only 13" lol

    i got the bike for free mate as i helped my friend out with a few things, its a decent little bike and im trying to spend as little money on it as possible :lol:
  • can't be bad for a freebie :)

    as you say, spend as little as poss on it and save your cash for something a bit more desirable further down the line :)

    Should be alright to get you started on a few light trails and will help you bite the bug.
  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    you may want to get a zip tie around that front brake cable and the fork, or the tyre may pull it off.
    Now that we are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. ROMANS 15:1
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    thanks for the advise, i was looking at sorting the cables out as i thought it looked a bit untidy.

    oh i am also looking at respraying the bike in black as as has a few scratches. its a simple yet affective mod and shouldnt cost much as ill be doing it at home.
  • RE: spraying... i wouldn't bother really. the bike looks fine as it is, home spray jobs usually come out worse than they started.
    If you are set on doing it, there is a guid in the FAQ somewhere.
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    thanks for the heads up. i am set on doing it unless powdercoating is cheap enough.
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    just waiting for the grips now they seem to be taking ages :lol:

    hopefully my mate will find out about powdercoating it soon :D
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    took the front wheel off to change the tyre and clean it and noticed a disc bolt was missing so went to halfords and baught new ones then had to help my brother refit the backbox on his car so ill hopefully finish it tomorrow.

    oh and powdercoating is looking too expensive so looks like i will be spraying it at home.
  • tbh i wouldnt bother spraying it or powder coating it. why dont u save up for a more reliable and better bike?? trying to say this with out sounding an ar*e . i wouldnt bother with it. it might ride and all that but i dont think itll be up for mountain biking, if that is what you are going to do with it
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    its just something i want to do tho and when i get an idea in my head i usually do it evan if its silly or not worth it but thats just what im like :lol:

    and today i recieved my grips, gel seat cover and speedometer.

    cant decide if i should keep the stock bars or go for straight bars?

    more pics coming up soon!!!
  • Zaskar20Zaskar20 Posts: 557
    Nice bike!!!

    If I were you I'd keep those riser bars and put some blue bar ends on. :wink:
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    its going black and red 8)
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    i took it out the other day and it has a few problem with the gears. but heres a pic from the ride...


  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    errrr your pics bud, I dont want to sound a bit dickish but are they of when u stacked it or were u being really 'arty' or something??? :?
  • smf_12smf_12 Posts: 37
    i just stopped and chucked it on the floor to take a pic and have a drink :lol:
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