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Cardiff to Caerleon?

smith_mk1smith_mk1 Posts: 2
edited March 2009 in Commuting chat
Hi there,
I'm looking for a commuting route from north Cardiff to Caerleon (just past Newport) that's relatively direct and flat-ish. Has anybody done this route before? I've looked through Sustrans etc and nothing seemed very clear there. I'd be grateful for any suggestions!


  • roger_merrimanroger_merriman Posts: 6,148
    if it's flat you want you'll be needing newport road.
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Plot permutations of your intended route at, and tick the Show Elevation check box.
  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    you'll have noticed all the hills & valleys north of the M4.

    If you could get down to the levels between Cardiff & Newport it's a nice run (dunno what traffics like of a morning).
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