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quick help for ortlieb pannier

tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
edited March 2009 in Commuting chat
Is there a simple way to pop out the wee shims in the fitting? Just fitted a new rack with bigger diameter tubing and the pannier's won't fit on now - I have to pop out the old shims and pop in some different ones.

Am now sort of trying to poke the shims out of the clip fastening with a screwdriver. :?


  • That's exactly what I resorted to last week when I fitted a larger rack: slid the blade up the edge of the 'longer' side. So I, too, will be looking forward to hearing whether there is a trick. Thankfully I realised before I needed to travel, and (even more) thankfully I remembered where I'd stashed the spare shims.

    When I first put the shims in, a few months back, I put the first one in back to front, and then mixed up the thicknesses :oops:
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