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Training advice for lapsed biker...

fordprefectfordprefect Posts: 2
Hi everybody, was just wondering what people would advise the best route back to fitness would be for somebody that has become a lapsed mountain biker, I'm just getting back into it after a ten year lapse and have become really unfit and a tad overweight in that time, got myself a new bike a little while ago and want to get back into shape like I used to be.

Thanks in advance



  • just get out and ride, you cant go wrong, do as much as you feel comfortable doing, and make sure your having fun.
    dont get hung up on losing weight within certain timeframes as you'll always be disapointed, but if you use the bike enough you will reach the desired point soon enough
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  • teulkteulk Posts: 557
    Ive just recently started riding (well about a year ago) i dont put miles and miles in but when i started i did about 3miles and was totally wreaked :D I gradually built up the miles to 5, then 8 then 10 then 15 and finally 20 with some longer 30 - 40 mile rides every now and again. i would say i was upto 20 miles after about 6weeks or so. Ok so i aint no reacord breaker or mile muncher but i did lose weight and i am fitter. I try and get out 3 - 4 times a week and do between either 15 or 20miles per ride.

    I think the key is to start with low miles and just take your time and enjoy it.
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  • TeddzzyTeddzzy Posts: 13
    My advice is, just get out and have fun..

    Any time you can, if it's nipping to the shops, popping to see a mate, or even going to the pub (be careful on the way back mind)...

    If you set yourself target's you will just feel let down if you don't make them... Trust me, you will aim too high at the start!! I did..

    Once you start loosing the beef and finding it easier and easier, then you can think about setting targets..

    I hope this helps a bit..
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,689
    fun is the key, when its fun its more substainable

    I have been riding lots more this last year & lost weight because of it, but more importantly - its been a giggle

    Also set yourself some aims, ie, one of the lads wants to do Llandegla withour stopping & I wanted to do it on the singlespeed. With both managed it within an hour & a half :) So now we need another chalange!
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