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Out of this shortlist... Giant vs Felt vs ?

Don_VitoDon_Vito Posts: 7
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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum, but not mountain biking. I had a Marin east peak a few years ago (maybe 6/7), and have always regretted selling it. I'm determined to get a new bike, and would like a similar XC bike again.... I think.

I intend to do mainly singletrack, XC, so a bit of all conditions, up hill and down dale.

These 2 bikes have caught my eye:

Giant ... 360038750/

Felt ... 360036586/

I'm leaning towards the Felt at the moment - can anyone offer any advice on these two to help my decision - or think of other alternatives at a similar price (or less). Both of these are towards the top of my budget.



  • hi there,

    i have had my felt hardtail for a wile now and i cant fault it in any way it has good components and everything works great i have upgraded a few things but i think felt are great bikes and would recomend them, i have had a giant be4 my felt but feel the felt is a better bike overall, im now about to powercoat my frame as i have had it 2years and dont want to get rid of the frame cos i like it so im going for colour change. also i think the felt looks better lol,

    to be fair sum ppl would say get felt sum giant but im for the felt!
  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    For Xc/singletrack, i personally think 5" and 5.8" travel is too much, i'd be looking at a short travel 4"max or hartail for xc type of stuff, but i can understand your logic as they are reduced by a fair amount. Ive only tried the giant so cant vouch for the felt although its got a better spec, and you wont know whether you like it until you've bought it and ridden it...decision decisions.
  • Perhaps a hardtail would be better, i'm not sure, it's years since i've had one.

    They both just seemed to be similar to what i'd had previously, but i'm open to suggestions on the hardtail front too (especially if it's cheaper!).

    I just want a bike that does everything OK, I did the occasional hard downhill stuff too, so I thought the long travel might come in useful sometimes. I just don't want it to bottom out, or bounce me off the track on my descent!
  • unless ur going to go hardcore then i would just get a hardtail, and it would also be cheaper! for the same sort of spec!!!! a good hardtail with good forks should do the job for u and better to ride on the flat that a full sus :idea:

  • I've just watched this felt video review, looks good., ... -0,00.html

    Would a new hardtail be OK for that type of rocky terrain? I would want to do XC, and more of the tougher/rocky type tracks like in that video. I thought I might get bounced off the bike with a hardtail.
  • muddyface
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