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All rounderr tyre choice. What do you use?

janwaljanwal Posts: 486
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I have a Cube Acid that came with Smart Sam tyres but I never feel 100% with them I don't know why especially cornering on tarmac.As I ride mainly towpaths/road and a bit of off road On my old Marin I ran all year round with Vredestiein spiders semi slicks and they never let me down.There are all sorts of newer semi tyres around now Or even, what would the Halo twin rails be like for all round use?Or the BIg Apples that I have seen are they any good at all for slippier paths and a bit of rougher stuff.Or any suggestions would be appreciated.



  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
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  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    Conti Traffic 09 is what i'm using. I've found them to be a nice all rounder so far. Quiet, low rolling resistance, excellent grip in the wet on the road. They've dealt with snow (surprisingly well actually) and mud so far, but obviously you're not going to go pea soup swampy bog riding with them. 2.1's would probably cope better than the 1.9 I run for more demanding terrain, but then again I'd change tyre sets beyond a certain point anyway. I was forced to ride over broken glass yesterday and they took that in their stride, had them at decent pressure though. I've yet to catch them out for what you describe. 11 - 12 quid a pop atm. Great value I reckon.

    I would say it'd be worth quickly checking the tread after a ride / commute to dislodge any road stone / glass / debris that might be in there, easy to do and no great hassle though.
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