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Worn out already?!

jellikinsjellikins Posts: 153
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I bought a Trek 5.2 mADONE (2008) in Sept and it has been hung up for 2 months in the garage due to weather as I have used my training bike.

Toog the Trek out last weekend and the freehub was stuck so I couldn't free wheel backwards etc.

Took it to a friend (who is a mechanic at LBS locally) and he looked at it and said the bearings had got muck or abrased and he had re-lubed it for me.

Now it is ok now and free at the moment and it appears to have solved it. But he did say that once they get a bit of dirt in, it won't get better etc.

The bike is 6 months old only and the wheel are Bontrager Race Lights.

Should I be taking this back on warranty?

Is this really unusual please?


  • If I bought a new bike that grew a fault within the first say 1000-2000 miles (so long as it was evident care had been taken of the bike) it would be going back to the shop I bought it from no questions asked, and certainly without getting another place to fiddle with it first for the fear of the original seller claiming the bike has been tampered with!
  • it's american - what do you expect?
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Bontrager wheels - what do you expect? But seriously I would have thought this could be rectified at the LBS. It's only 6 months old and should come in your warranty.
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    Very few manufacturers cover bearings under warranty as its a wear part.
    I've had rear wheel bearings go in under 500 miles.These were not just gritty but rough as hell and almost not turning.I've put those down to being just duff bearings as my current ones are much better.
    I've found that if they feel a little rough, pop the bearing out, thoroughly degrease and clean them and apply generous amounts of grease and then pop your dust seals back on.
    Its all down to bearing quality really and good bearings are expensive.
  • pbracingpbracing Posts: 231
    'it has been hung up for 2 months in the garage'

    If your garage is like mine it'll get a lot of condesation/ damp. It coud be that with not much grease from the factory, as things do these days, there's a bit of surface corrosion. This will accelerate the wear process which is a one way street. On a bike like this I'd want it to be running as near to 100% as poss.

    Can you keep the bike in the house?
    Why not? My bikes.
    Summer & dry days ... /Trek1.jpg

    Wet winter days & going the shops runaround ... rello1.jpg
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