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Attn Scott Ransom owners - help needed

BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
edited March 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Scott Ransom 20 (2008) and am experiencing a few (minor) issues with the shock/fork set up.

Firstly the shock (Scott Equaliser). I'm running the pressure according to Scotts chart in the manual, but still find it too stiff (i.e. not as plush as I would like).

Has anyone else had this issue? I'm prepared to take air out but don't want to put the shock under any undue stress.

OK, onto the fork - Marzocci (sp?) Bombers. I've supposedly got almost 6" of travel in these, but only get abt 3.5 - 4" in regular use. Again, I've checked the air and have a little less in them then recommended, but still less travel than expected.

Bike was virtually brand new when bought and I've looked after it well, so a bit miffed as to why I have these issues.

Thought/opinions very welcome.



  • I find I need to run the equaliser for somebody who is lighter than me to get the plushness that I want (I believe this is quite common).

    Try setting it for soft travel for someone 5kg lighter than you, mine is set for a 75kg person and I am 80kg and for me its about bang on. The equaliser is quite sensitive to minor changes in pressure so perhaps grab a pen and a small notebook and ride a stretch of your favourite trail at different pressures until you get the feel just right making sure you record each pressure and how it me on that as you will forget if you dont write it down!!. Once set you can forget about it.

    Sorry no help for your forks as I run Lyriks.

    Good luck.
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  • ProwlusProwlus Posts: 539
    probably a problem with the forks themselves . I'd go check the thing at your LBS . The 08 year wasn't good for marzocchi quality wise. Even now my 2009 version the 55ata tst2 has gone through 2 tst2 cartridge changes and this is before it even tastes the pavement out of the LBS with the ransom attached.. As for the equalizer shock , I agree . That thing is complicated . You may have to vent a little air in both the positive and negative chambers so that you'll achieve full travel option . Made the mistake of filling to much air in my Ransom 40 and it was as stiff as a board until i started bleeding a bit of air
  • davydesigndavydesign Posts: 178
    Hi BJB,

    I had the same issues when i first got my ransom, and there are a few things to bear in mind.
    Firstly, by design the shock/spring ratio is pretty high with a short stroke for the 6.5" travel it provides (the ideal ratio is about 2.5:1 whereas the Ransom is near enough 4:1). So the bike will never be as smooth as something like a Foes or Trek Remedy which get 2:1 and 2.5:1 respectivley i think.
    I tried running the shock under the recommended pressure which kinda helped, but the biggest effect I found was when i sent the shock off for an annual service, I've had this done twice and it gets plusher each time. I'm not sure what they do but it seems to do the trick. It is quite expensive (£90ish) and it has to go to Switzerland or something my LBS told me, but I'd recommend it.

    There is also a spreadsheet thingy from Scott that helps fine tune the settings, but i cant get the damn thing to work on my mac. Here is the link anyway:
    I got it working once and it gives you options to get the soft, medium or hard air pressures.

    hope that helps
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    Thanks for all the replies.

    Thanks for the sheet Davey - I can't get it to work either just yet but will keep trying (on a PC as well!)

    To be honest it's the forks that are bugging me more, but I need to have a proper play before I despair and sell them!

    Thanks again
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    Bit of an update on this one.

    I wrote to Marzocchi and they advised that there is a known 'TST2' damper issue and I should get the bike to my nearest dealer for the issue to be sorted under warranty.

    So, a week ago I took the bike to an Evans outlet in London.

    Got a call yesterday to say that WindWave want proof of purchase, as to 'qualify' for warranty work, I must be the original purchaser or the bike.

    So as I’m the 3rd owner, I’m screwed - have to pay £105 (£80 for the part and £25 labour). All for a £500+ fork which has not worked properly in the year I’ve had it (the bike changed hands twice in less than 6 months from new)

    Ridiculous. Why should a warranty just apply to the product, regardless who owns the thing now? Certainly not something you’d put with for a car.

    Not happy.
  • Feel for you but there is a positive. If the fork doesnt work after this you should be under a repair warranty and not have to pay should it go wrong. I would very tempted to ditch/sell the fork once repaired and buy a new one though.
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    Stumpy FSR Comp

    Wilier Izoard

    1994 Shogun Prairie Breaker Expert...ahhh yesssss

    'I didnt need those front teeth anyway..'
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    I did think of it that way Kiwi, you're right.

    Still nobbed off tho. :cry:

    Think they will be flogged and some triple crown luvlies purchased.....any recommendations for abt £500?

  • I had pretty much the exact opposite experience with Windwave - sent my Marzocchi forks back off my 2nd hand Ransom after I snapped the TST2 cartridge on my 2nd proper ride on the bike. Was fully expecting to have to pay, but forks turned up at home a few weeks later all sorted with nothing to pay - I assume they just checked the serial no's to see if it was still in warranty?

    Might be worth sending them off directly to Windwave and hoping for the best, worst that can happen is they charge you as indicated, best is you get it done free....
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    You did OK mate.

    Thing is, Marzocchi just said 'take them to your nearest dealer'. My nearest convenient one is one here in the city of London (Evans), so I went for that. If Marzocchi had said 'contact our UK distributors, Windwave', I might have had a bit more joy.

    The whole proof of purchase thing to me is utter balls. The forks could be checked for a serial No as you say, but they are undeniably Marzocchi so I don;t understand why Windwave don't just get on with it.
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