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training, how much?

2008 epic2008 epic Posts: 20
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Afternoon all!

I "compete" in Open class and it still amazes me just how fast the majority of riders are, especially experts etc.

Even the Masters class is very fast at the top end.

I go to the gym 4 days a week and try and night ride at least once a week but seem to be miles behind, admittedly its only my second season but even so!

I was just wondering just how much time and what, do the faster guys & girls do that makes them so quick? :o


  • years and years of practice
  • I think you've nailed the problem right there, you only ride once a week. Whilst you may be fit from other gym activities to get proper cycling fit you need to be putting in the miles. You can improve your cycling fitness by gym work but only to supplement your riding not the other way round.

    Anyway cyclings more fun than running on the treadmill with the rest of the hamsters :D
  • TonyWardTonyWard Posts: 149
    I made the same mistake. Thought that because I could pull good rowing machine scores (my main sport when younger) and riding once a week would translate into decent performances. It didn't.

    Then I thought about how I would expect a bunch of mountain bikers to do if they rowed once a week for a year and tried to race me and my rowing mates. It was only when I thought about it that way I realised I was being daft. Switched to Fun and had a blast!
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