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Wheel hub or freehub problem.

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,563
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Issue with a wheel I bought s/h that came off a Giant road bike.
My only 9-speed clincher gave up the ghost (hub knacked) so I bought a pair of s/h wheels that came with a Giant of some description that someone was upgrading - age about 1 - 2 years or so. Not sure of the mileage but wheel looked to have had pretty light use, braking track was pretty unworn.
About a month down the line the freehub body is loose on the hub which is not good and I cannot work out how to remove this to inspect it.
LBS also in the same situation : it's not like a Shimano hub where a big allen key removes the body.
Not sure what the hub is - the rim is an Alex 22 I think, hub, along with spokes, are black, radial non-drive, crossed drive-side.
Has rubber covers on both sides of the hub (poor attempt at seals perhaps).

Any clues ?
Is it likely to be scrap anyway if there is serious movement visible to the eye and detectable by hand ?
I've been told that spares for Giant wheels are pretty much unobtainable anyway but if some fresh grease and ball bearings will keep it runnign for a few more months then all to the good.

Wheel isn't worth much - I paid £30 the pair, front looks and feels brand new but I haven't used it yet.


  • Personally, I'd just give up on the rear.

    You don't know how much abuse it's had, if you can contact the guy who you bought the wheels off to see how he took them apart to clean and grease them (if he doesn't know, then they've obviously been abused) if not, then take it that they have been abused.

    You can pick up a wheel / wheelset pretty cheap from sites like Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Your hub is probably a Quando or Formula - they do a lot of cheap hubs for OEM wheels and don't have a fantastic reputation for durability or spares availability - particularly freehubs. I'm surprised your LBS doesn't have the know-how to remove the wheel axle and tighten up the freehub - most hubs are pretty similar. You may be able to get hold of a basic Shimano hub and have the wheel rebuilt - at least spares availability is better.
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  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,563
    I might see if I can get a decent hub for a rebuild : a rear-only might be available at a relatively more bargain price than a pair.
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