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Advice Needed: Moving components between bikes

SlowingDownSlowingDown Posts: 129
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Bear with me everyone:

One of the 8spd Sora shifters on my Specialized Tricross has bust so needs replacing. Considered upgrading these to something like 105 or R500 when replacing.

Since then the wheels on my Cannondale road bike have come to the end of their life and need replacing.

So the total outlay on both bikes of probably £300 minimum got me onto the idea of a new bike through the Bikes For Work scheme since I can get a £1000 bike for close to 500 quid.

1) With the Cannondale replaced by the new bike is it easy/doable to move the whole 9spd 105 kit (possibly plus crankset) from the Cannondale to the (currently) 8spd Sora compact Tricross? I could then sell the frame+fork (for peanuts?).

2) Sell the Cannondale as is and use the proceeds to cover the cost of the new shifters etc for the Tricross?

Any advice?
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  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    one winter trainer/commuter/hack - tricross sounds ideal

    one nice summer/sunday/fast bike

    that's what I'd aim to setup. Swapping a drivetrain is not too difficult - depends on your expertise/experience of course.
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  • BikerbaboonBikerbaboon Posts: 1,017
    I would say it depends on the chain length on the old and new bike and the the state of ware on the componts.

    If the chain length is the same should be a simple swap. and then new cables and jobs done.

    If the chain lengh is longer and the cassetts and or chain wheels are worn then its going to be harder as you would need a new casset and or chain wheels.

    If the chain length is shorter then again you can nip a few links out and jobs still simple.

    Setting up a hack bike and a summer bike does sound like a good plan though.
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