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dhb Marsden Wheeled Bike Bag - any good?

aztecboyaztecboy Posts: 384
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Just trying to get the logistics of a Scottish trip sorted via Easyjet.

Even though I have a hard case, I will need a much bigger hire car to take it, another bike bag and 3 people when we get to Glasgow.

But I reckon 2 soft bike bags should fit into a Focus or the like just fine.

Even if I left my hard case in left luggage at the airport, the cost will pay for this bag alone! ... 360034155/

I know there is extra risk but on this occasion I think soft is the right option.

Anyone any experience of them?


  • caw35slrcaw35slr Posts: 439
    Does anybody own this bag? If you do, I am interested to hear of your experiences.
  • I don't have this one but I do have an older dhb bag which has served me well for the past 4 years. The usual comments about hub spacers and pipe lagging apply and in the main I've been lucky but tend to avoid anything other than direct flights.

    If you can cope with the fact that these bags are ultimately disposable but should last a good 8-10 trips they're quite a good buy.
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  • Slow1972Slow1972 Posts: 362
    I have one

    Took my bike to the Etape in one last year via BMI with no problem. i did put an extra layer of thick cardboard in either side for good measure and used the usual pipe lagging, removal of rear mech and something in the drop outs to protect the frame.

    Bag has some handy inside pockets for bits and pieces, outer fabric seems pretty hard wearing

    Wheel bags are also good with internal skewer pocket and reinforcement at the hub area
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I have a similar one that I've used for five or so trips abroad - holding up well. But the bag is just the last defence - you need to spend a good few hours wrapping your bike up in foam beforehand.
  • A friend bought one of these for a Spanish trip last year (from Glasgow as it happens) but was disappointed. Very large, too flexible (wouldn't stand up unaided) and enormous. I bought the Ultrasport bag for £100 as a long term purchase and although more epxensive is by far a better product. My other mate used a bike box which was bomb proof but needed 2 people to move it.
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