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Elswick Bicycles

grantusgrantus Posts: 690
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I have recently acquired an Elswick 5 speed road bike to use as a turbo trainer bike.

I know that Elswick became Falcon bikes in the early eighties however I can't find out much else about them.

I'd like to know how old it is out of curiosity.

It's called a Sport Special and the decals look decidedly 1970s!

Anyone know much about these old bikes?


  • Try a bit of googling - and here
    or here

    I remember buying an Elswick Puma (I think it was) in the early eighties - cheap and cheerful.
  • Not really a response but an old 1960s Elswick 5 speed just sold on eBay. I'm a bit gutted as I asked the owner a question about it and, by the time he responded, the bike had sold (Buy It Now). My own fault - the Buy It Now was only £30 - I should just have taken my chances.

    I was keen on buying it because I grew up somewhere in the deadlands between Elswick's home (Barton on Humber) and Falcon Cycles factory in Brigg (North Lincolnshire) which is still there. We all had Falcon's when I was a kid - I'm sure the name was still Elswick Falcon at that point, but that might just be what people still called it.

    I fancied a summer project and doing up an old Elswick seemed like a good idea.
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