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Is this Trek Fuek EX 7 good value for money?

plasma_manplasma_man Posts: 129
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Hi looks great!

I have sold my Trek 1500 road bike and my Univega Ram 930 mountain bike and am looking for a new full sus mountain bike for around 1500-2000 Swiss francs. Thats around $1000 - $1500 USD or around £1000.

I saw a nice review of a Trek Fuel EX7 so had a search on google and found this ... 0293059905

The price seems very reasonable. I like the colour. The location is 10 mins drive away so I would check the bike out first perhaps before bidding.

Can anybody tell me if this is a 2008 or 2009 version. I'm not really bothered which year it is I just wouldn't want to buy it if the price is too high for last years version. Does anyone know what was improved on the 2009 version if anything?

The only other bike I have found that suits me is a GT Force 3.0 for around the same price but I think the Trek has a better spec. There are quite a few other Fuel EX7 in shops here but they are asking for about 20-30% more money.

Thanks for any advice.

- 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.


  • Maybe the question was too specific.

    I have also found 2 more bikes

    2007 Trek Fuek EX9.5

    2008 Trek Fuel EX5.5

    BOth new new bikes. I'm going to call the shop shortly and try them out. I am guessing the 9.5 would be the one to go for, any advice?

    - 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.
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