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Good Ol Belgies

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Cos knowing where ppl are isnt important (Rasmussen anyone)
"They force it onto sports where there is a minimal history of doping, or none at all," he said

Im sure theyd like to keep it that way :wink:
Take care of the luxuries and the necessites will take care of themselves.


  • Some validity in what is said, how far down the chain should these proceedures go?
    Would, or should, for instance, the whereabouts rules apply to say 1st Cat cyclists, who've no interest, ability or wish to compete at even national levels?
    Should members of local football teams be subject to these rules?
    The "Human Rights" Industry will doubtless be happy to get some money & publicity out of this case and spin it out elsewhere.
    Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.
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