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White Nigel Dean Tourmaster in Cambridge Oct.

aardvarkhomeaardvarkhome Posts: 4
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- Location it was stolen from Stolen in Cambridge Oct 2008
-White frame, with chipped paintwork, some touching up done

The bike had a mismatch of equipment

Suntour front mech
Shimano rear mech
mismatching wheels
leather saddle
bent hadndle bar

Yes, it sounds censored but I loved it to bits


  • Any luck with tracking it down?

    Sorry i can't help, I'm contacting you as I have a Nigel Dean and was wondering if you know more aobut them than I do? All i know is that they were mostly made in the 80's. I've got a 14 speed with Suntour groupset, its the Suntour groupset that I can't find anywehre!? I love the bike, but am concerned when it starts to fall to pieces (its getting close) and part require replacing, are they compatible to fit the modern gearings on?

    Many thanks, best of luck with your bike. Like you, i know my bike isn't worth much but I'd be GUTTED if it went missing.
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