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Rack and pannier on MTB

simmo3801simmo3801 Posts: 486
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Hi there

I'm wanting to convert my Kona Cindercone MTB to a commuter for a few months and have fitted slick tyres. I want to fit a rack so that I can carry a pannier. The bike has disc brakes so can I fit a normal rack or do I need a certain type or will a blackburn normal rack do?

Also what single pannier would you recommend and how do they attach to the rack?

I don't have a lbs so it's not easy to take the bike in to see what fits.

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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,509
    You need a disc brake specific rack, such as this or this. I have a Lifeline rack, and it's very good.

    No idea of a recommendation of a pannier, I just went for the cheapest pair of DHBs I found.
  • simmo3801simmo3801 Posts: 486
    Thanks for that I'll give them a look. Do you know if it's possible to fit mudguards as well as a rack? I assume it would just be a case of using a longer bolt? Although I think the mudguard struts would foul on the disc. I may go for the Topeak one as it has an integral mudshield.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    You need a frame with the disc mount inside the frame like this one. Stupid me sold a Blackburn rack with my old Kona, should have kept it for BOOG :oops:
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