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Saddle sore...

ConsciousPilotConsciousPilot Posts: 117
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I have recently purchased a specialized 143mmtoupe gel saddle. I've tried it out 3 times since over 26m, 45m & 15m and can honestly say my nether regions have never felt so damn sore. Even with decent(?) padded tights every bump in the road appears to transmit right to the bone. Reading some of the reviews on it, it is supposed to be so comfy, so I am somewhat disappointed so far. Is it possible that seat positioning may be wrong? I think I've set it in accordance with all that I've read. No problems when using the foam padded saddle from my ctoss bike. Any thoughts appreciated before I decide to return it to the LBS.[/url]
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Have you got the setback right?

    I used to have problems with discomfort until (eventually) I tried a non setback seatpost. Now I sit comfortably on the saddle, and don't sit on the nose as much.
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  • Slow1972Slow1972 Posts: 362
    Are you sure you've got it nice and level, it may need a bit of playing around to get it right.

    As Red Dragon says make sure you've got it right horizontally, even without changing your pin you may have enough movement on the rails to set it up so your sit bones are on the saddle

    If that doesnt work it may be it just don't suit you - that's part of the problem with saddles, a saddle that fits one person like a glove can be nothing but agony for someone else

    Do the Toupes take a bit of riding in like some of the other saddles with memory padding? May be worth perservering for some more miles yet

    Good luck
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