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Pedals and shoes...I know, I know!

RhodsRhods Posts: 400
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I'm looking for some advice on a multi purpose set up. I'm basically looking for a shoe that I can walk in to some extent, but still has a relatively firm sole for comfort while pedalling. I may eventually get a road setup but for the moment, am thinking spd is the best option.

I've seen some A320 pedals, which seem to provide a decent platform, and would allow me to hop on the bike without cycle shoes when required. Any views appreciated.

As for shoes, I've seen Northwave Lizzards, Shimano RT51 or RT80 an Specialized Experts, which seem to be the best shoes which fit my bill. Anyone got any experience of these?

Many thanks once again.


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I've used Shimano and Specialized and both are good but I prefer the Spesh ones these days.

    I'd pick up some 540s if I were you. Not keen on multi-function pedals - they do neither thing well. The 540s last ages, clip in really well, aren't overly hefty.
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