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tubs;tape or glue?

ozzzyosborn206ozzzyosborn206 Posts: 1,340
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i live in guernsey and pretty much everyone uses tub tape, but this is probably just because thats what the LBS sell us,

when i raced in France a guy i stayed with said he wouldn't go near tub tape and would only ever use glue. I guessed this was because when tub tape first came out it was a bit sketchy? what do you guys use? going to be fitting some new tubs for next season but just wondered if it was worth the extra hassle of glue or not


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  • Tufo Extreme for carbon rims. No concerns at all as long as it's properly applied. Rapha Condor seem to manage fine on it and ride it pretty hard...
  • Hi there.

    Tape every time for me at the moment.. Glue is fine until you have to scrape the rim clean to fit a new tub, the tape usually just peels off - especially if it's a carbon rim. Mind you, that glue residue might be handy if you're fitting a spare on the roadside...

    Glue for the track maybe?

    Cheers, Andy
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