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Helmet storage

eyrunjeyrunj Posts: 5
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Hey all
I always have this problem of what to do with my bike helmet when I’m on the go, that is when I park my bike at school or at the supermarket and really don’t feel like taking the helmet with me inside.
I do carry a rucksack but it is usually filled with other stuff, but the way I do it know is to put my d-lock through the straps, but its not really convinient and it gets wet when it rains, are there any ideas for a handy solution out there...?


  • Clip it to one of the straps of your rucksack? I do this all the time, also serves as somewhere convenient to put my random bits and bobs.

    You do have to accept a certain amount of funny looks for doing this, but its not exactly a big deal.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    I used to clip my helmet to the straps of my backpack/rucksack when in shops until one day when I did the same and put a drink carton in it and only found out what I'd done when I tried to put my helmet back on some minutes later :oops:
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • risris Posts: 392
    my deuter bag has a hemet storage bit on it (webbing with a strap and pockets on the front), which i have used about 4 times. i normally clip the helmet to the straps and then pop my gloves in there.
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