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Carrera Fury 08

rjbonnellrjbonnell Posts: 170
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Does anyone have any experience of the Carrera Fury 08 model?

Does it suffer from seat stay flex like the 07 model does, or has it been rectified?

I am looking at buying one, but am worried about the "flex" I have read about. I am just getting back into mountain biking, but I am no expert and am worried that this Is going to be a problem for a 16st rider?

Another bike I am now considering is the Genisis Core 10 (08 model)

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance :)



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Not aware of any flex issues, but a test will show it up. Not usually a problem.
  • Chris5.5Chris5.5 Posts: 154
    I have just sold my Carrera Fury 08, it is a great bike, the seatstays are bigger than the 07 model you have read the review on and there is an additional brace near the seat post.

    I am 18 stone and it coped with my weight fine, although you may want to get a stiffer spring for the front fork.

  • Thanks guys :D

    I was in Halfords this morning & luckily they have both the 07 & 08 model of the Fury, so I was able to take a look at them both together.

    Like you say, the 08 model had more ovalised seat stay tubes plus the extra brace just in front of the seat tube. The chain stays also look more chunky, with extra clearance where the tyres passes through so mud does not clog up. Actually the whole frame looks stronger to me. The 07 model looked a more 'spindley' overall.

    Do you think the Rock Shox Tora 318 U-Turn fork is going to be a problem for someone who weighs 16st then? How do you fit a stronger spring??

    Cheers Richard :D
  • Chris5.5Chris5.5 Posts: 154
    It wasn't really a prblem with the forks to be honest, they are pretty good but if I would of kept the bike, I would have tried a stiffer spring to see what differance it made, I think they are about £30.

  • beskibeski Posts: 542
    I've got a Tora 302 on my bike, I'm 15st and the spring supplied with the fork is ok for me. It depends on what sort of riding you'll be doing I suppose, it might be a bit soft for you if your riding is aggressive and/or on very rough ground.
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