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So anyone else stuck in alone on All Hallows Eve?

hisokahisoka Posts: 575
edited October 2008 in Commuting chat
Yeah, home alone. Housemates went out, I was supposed to but far too ill with a nasty cold.
So sitting here, bored witless and wondering if anything to do. WIsh I could be out on the bike, or on the p*ss, one of the two.
"This area left purposefully blank"
Sign hung on my head everyday till noon.

FCN: 11 (apparently)


  • Hehe, Ive just driven 500miles -- no not walked before you start singing the Proclaimers at me ;) -- Back up to Edinburgh to find no one in the house and that all the rain has flooded the back garden, front garden, garage and is now lapping up at the front door.

    Think ill phone out for a Kebab... I deserve it!!

    Happy Halloween :)
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