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which dh/freeride bike .... ???

gilybobgilybob Posts: 19
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
ok prob been asked before but ive done a search and cant find a thread .. soz if ya heard it all before ...

any way .. im looking to upgrade my bike i have a stinky 06 frame pritty much everything else has been changed and upgraded to high spec fox 40s ect...

so which bike would you choose ... my options are :

giant glory
yeti 303
intense socom
santa cruz v10 in white (favouring this for sum reason)
orange 224
also if i save and hang on for abit after crimb i liked the look of the ap-1 empire cycles..!!uy the frame and use the bits and bobs of the stinky having a bike that no one really has would be awsome.

youre thoughts will be appreciated
cheers paul


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