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Dura Ace STIs - 7800 or 7801

chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
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Can anyone help me decide which of these I should be buying?

I can't find a proper description of the differences anywhere, but it seems like the 7801 has a skinnier body and a shorter lever throw. Does that mean it's suitable for smaller hands, and therefore being a normal sized hands person, I should go for the 7800?

The later serial number of the 7801 implies it is the more up to date version, but the 7800 still seems to be in full use as a current version, and some retailers charge more for 7800 than 7801. I'm confused.

Can anyone help?

I'm NOT interested in 7900 and it's backward compatability traps!


  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    7800 is the the groupset name, the shifters are either 7801 for the double front shifter option and 7803 is for the triple front option. There isn't any different reach options etc.

    The STI brake shifters start with ST-780x, but there is an SL-7800 which is the old style downtube or barend shifter, which would be much cheaper but not what you want.
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  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Thanks DaSy,

    So a retailer advertising 7800 and 7801 STIs at different prices is making a balls up and I should just go for the cheaper one because they're the same?
  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    I would still check with them, as they must have paid a different price for them when they got them in. Theres nothing more annoying than getting the wrong item in the post and having to return it etc

    If you check the Shimano website it doesn't list a 7800 STI.
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  • Go for Campagnolo Chorus - much better! Of course, you will need a whole new groupset, but you may as well get it 100% the first time!
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  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    I'd stick with Shimano.
  • araceraracer Posts: 1,649
    DaSy wrote:
    If you check the Shimano website it doesn't list a 7800 STI.
    Dopesn't list a 7700 either, but they definitely exist. I suspect it is an older version, in which case given no other difference I'd go for the 7801, though not convinced a 7801 is worth a price premium over a 7800.
  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Cheers, ironically the 7801 are £20 cheaper than the 7800 :)
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