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Upgrade to a full sus frame

carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Im thinking of upgrading my frame to a full suss next year as my riding has moved on to red /blacks and im a big lad - started looking at some frames and was thinking of something like a Commencal meta 5 or 6 however dont want to have to buy too many new parts - would most my gear move over without needing to many upgrades? Would my forks be any good on a 4" or 5" frame like this - RS Recon 351 uturn - 85 - 130mm, or would i need to upgrade my forks for any full sus i buy.

Im thinking:
wheels - ritchey disc pro
stem- ritchey comp
bars ritchey comp
brakes juicy 3
shifters sram x5
mechs x9/x7
cranks truvativ firex
cassette - p9950
would all move over no problem and i would just need bottom bracket and a new headset.



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Possibly new cabling, almost definitely new seatpost and clamp. Maybe front mech. Fork steerer long enough?

    I think the Meta 5 is designed around 140mm of travel, so 130mm should be OK. Meta 6 is for 160mm plus forks, so I'd say too short for that.

    Your best bet maybe to buy the full bike, swap onto it as many parts that fit (or want to keep) and sell the rest off. Often works out cheaper.
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