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Hello from a newbie

laincherslainchers Posts: 6
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Hi Folks

I've been lerking here for a few weeks reading all the stuff about MTB. And have driven the Mrs abosolutely wild while contemplating what to get...

Any way went for my first ride today on my new bike absolutely loved it!! Rode about 10 or 12 miles I think (could only guess from reading signs as I popped out onto the roads)

Tried to go as much off road as possible everytime I saw a footpath sign I went up it!
Was really pleased that I didn't totally knacker myself out, at 43 I still have a few months before I get really fit and lose the belly!.. At least thats what I told her...
As I pointed out "Yes it's a lot of money but If you want me to look like Daniel Craig, I have to keep fit somehow" :wink:

Anyway my knees were really cold! I did put on some knee supprts which I used to use when running just wondered what you guys wore in the winter months? I have suffered with knee problems in the past and at my age I need to keep aches and pains away as much as poss!

Anyway I'll take a few piccies of the bike over the next few days And load em up so you can see my ride! And no doubt I'll be bothering you all for tips in the coming months...

All the best



  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    Some guys wear cycling trousers in the winter, others have lycra leg warmers such as these

    Some guys wear knee pads for protection which have the added bonus of keeping knees warm in winter.
    You may not have realised, but you are not supposed to ride a bike on a footpath. Try to stick to bridleways :wink:
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  • VividVivid Posts: 267
    Sounds like your enjoying it!

    You missed the most important detail the bike! :)
  • A big HELLO to ya 8)
  • Ah didn't know about the footpath bit!!

    I thought as I live in the sticks and was cycling on tracks over fields and woods off single track roads that would be ok.

    I will have to check out my routes better next time...

    And the bike is a Trek Fuel 8. really pleased with it so far...
  • easygeasyg Posts: 266
    Very nice ride mate, glad you're enjoying it. Just wait for the bread knife's reaction when you get the bug and start wanting UPGRADES! :lol:

    When it is really cold thermal tights (I know I know) work wonders. My pal just bought some, I took the pi55 endlessly until we were out in the High Peak District last weekend doing a Killer loop where I ended up borrowing them as cold isn't the word! They were excellent and kept me toasty. They are made by Gore and aren't overly expensive. Don't know whether you are aware but keeping your knees warm is vital on a ride in the proper cold alongside your head and feet so make sure you do wrap em up, especially if they have suffered in the past.

    Easy, G
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  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    There are loads of bibs tights on the market in various thicknesses, and materials with or without padded seats. Windproof, or water repellant or just plain warm.
    Also knee and leg warmers
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  • Hello.

    I too am 43 (just) and I use long trousers and leg warmers in the winter months (much of my riding is done at night and it is brassic !!) I find leg warmers really handy as you can fold them up small to fit in your pack, and pull them on over the top if you need them. Cheap too. Should be just the thing for your knees.

    Keep it up. The belly thing may take some time, but in any case you'll feel a hell of a lot better. However, I would caution you that comparing yourself to Daniel Craig may not be such a smart move LOL.....

    What tree ? ...........

    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
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