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Feedback section?

SCOTT325SESCOTT325SE Posts: 888
Hi Guys/Girls!
I've just bought a saddle of Hammond1975 and was so impressed by the condition and speed of delivery, that I wanted to leave him some positive feedback. However, this forum (unlike all the others that I frequent) doesnt have a Feedback section.
The Feedback section on some of the other forums I use has stopped people getting screwwed over by dodgy sellers/crooks and helps to highlight who has been good to buy/sell stuff with and who has not.

I just thought that it may be a good suggestion to throw into the pile as it could potentially save someone from losing hundreds or thousands of quid to a rogue who has no intentions of completing a sale.

Thanks for reading.


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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    If people want to praise a shop/person/item, they usually post a message on the relevant 'General' or 'Buying' forum. I don't think there's a need for another forum section for what you suggest.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
  • dan6116dan6116 Posts: 11
    I think a "Feedback section" is a bit much, especially considering the constant angst the guys here seem to have about their forum categories. What I have seen, and maybe this is what you meant, is a feedback rating attached to people's profiles. While this seems like a good idea when you compare how it might work here with eBay (other auction sites are available) it seems surplus to requirements on what is ostensibly first and foremost a forum; here people get to know one another and good service is expected of everyone!
    I think there's a good community here, that renders this system surplus to requirements. Just a final thought, if you're happy why not simply (as I expect you have done) post a reply in the thread where the item was sold? If others want to find out about this person they can search for their id and find that, and other, threads.

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