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Hello all,

it seem my nevegal tyres are officially done, it's been big fun pedalling on bananas trails last weekend but no, thanks, i'm not doing any bis the next one...

The problem is that i use my mongoose teocali for commuting too, this means that on average i'm riding every week 30 miles on tarmac plus another 30 off road during the weekends.
So what 'm looking for is a decent compromise...i guess the problem here is compound more than shape. Nevegal are great tyres but is a waste (of money too) if you have to ride half of the time on tarmac. Any ideas for alternatives? budget is not really the problem if it's going to somehow improve durability.



  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    You really need 2 sets of tyres if you're covering those sort of mileages - any knobbly will wear on 30 miles of tarmac a week. It takes 10 mins tops to switch them over at the weekend, and you will make up for that lost time by speeding your commute up with a set of slicks.
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  • BikerbaboonBikerbaboon Posts: 1,017
    hell i would go for a new bike. £25 for a tyre and you are going to need 2 sets that £100
    go to ebay you are going to get a servicable comuter ( read rusty and people will not be tempted to nick) for £50-100 and then save the use on your mtb for hte mud. Also its goof to have a back up for if you break the MTB.
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat, I'm commuting for training and riding properly at the weekends and some evenings, at the end of the day the sensible approach is two bikes. I'm probably going to resurrect my old mtb and roadie-ise it for that reason, I've tried to make my new bike dual purpose but it's always going to be a compromise and it's proving too much of a one. The closest I can get to an acceptable compromise is just to use faster rolling off road tyres, in my case nevegal dtc because I got a set cheap, and to run them hard on teh road and soft off. But you're right, it's a crying shame to waste tyres on tarmac. I just can't be bothered to change on my marathons every sunday night and change back every friday, and sometimes during the week too. I looked at a second set of wheels but that makes no sense money wise.
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  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Two bikes is the way forward but Schwalbe City Jets are good commuting slicks and dont break the bank if you go the two tyre route.
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