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Is there such a thing as an all round fun bike?

ross_mccullochross_mcculloch Posts: 478
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I'm currently riding a Giant XTC 4.5 and I've decided I'd like something a bit more fun to ride. I like XC but I'd love a bike that's more of an all rounder. I know I won't find a bike that's great at everything but one that can climb, go reasonably well on flat ground and take some harder hits over the rough stuff would be perfect.

- What should I look for in an all rounder bike?

- What fork would be ideal (I've been looking at Pikes)?

- With a budget of around £1000 should I go for a full susser or a top notch hardtail? (I'm willing to buy second hand to stretch my budget)


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Reasonable full sussers are appearing at this price point that will take the knocks, but are usually heavy. Such bikes would be the Carrera Banshee x, and to a lesser extent the Mongoose Teocali (and the spesh Pitch for a bit more)

    On the HT front, you will get lighter and better components.
  • What about the Cannondale Prophet 2 2009 at £1099?

    Any hardtailsyou can think of that would fit the bill?

    By the way, noticed your new column in this month's WMTB!
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    For hardtails have a look at the Marin Rocky Ridge or possibly an Orange Crush (SUnset MTB are knocking 2008 Crushes out for £899 at the moment (linky HERE) and you can get up to 18 months 0% finance on them too!
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  • I've seen someone local selling one of these: ... 000d-11022

    Reckon it could be suitable for my needs? It gets a good review, the lowest I can find it for is £1500 new...what do you reckon would be a reasonable price to pay for it second hand but 'as new'?
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 4,040
    Trek Fuel Ex 6.5 and 5.5 can be had for that sort of money.
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  • The component spec on the fuel ex 6.5 doesn't come close to the merida. The merida spec is better than some of the top end trek fuels.

    Question is, is the merida a decent all rounder?
  • XtreemXtreem Posts: 3,066
    If I were you I would build my own hardtail with Pikes,
    so later I can change the frame to fs, if I'm not satisfied with the hardtail.

    About fs bikes, the Prophet and the Pitch as the guys mentioned, would be my choice.

    EDIT: Forgot, you can have the Genius MC 30 2008 from kudubikes for 1200 new with similar spec as the Merida but 1,3kg lighter. :shock:
  • The Genius is nice but it doesn't have the same high end XT components as the Merida.

    What would you guys say is a reasonable price to pay for the Merida second hand but in 'as new' condition? Given that I can get it new for £1300.
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