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Anyone got one of these?

psuttonpsutton Posts: 206
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We're now up to taking six bikes and a trailer bike on holiday along with the six of us, all our camping stuff and general clobber etc. Last time we had a roofbox, 3 bikes, 2 chairs, kitchen table and tent on the roof, 3 bikes plus trailer bike on a tow bar mounted carrier and the rest of us (and our stuff) inside. It's a bit of a squeeze!

So I'm trying to reappraise how we go deal with this. I've come across this: ... rrier.html
This would allow us to put more stuff on the roof making the travelling much less cramped and pleasant for everyone. Before I take the plunge, it would be good to know if someone else has got one and what they think of it. All thoughts welcome, including any better ideas, welcome!


  • Hi ,
    I haven't got one of these but i'm looking for something similar as our family has just had a new addition , now 6,

    Iv'e seen a trailer with a solid floor with cut-outs for the wheels and an A bar to lock them to , also has the the storage in the middle, and was only £299, if i find the website i'll post the link,

    Would a new driver (partner), need a towing test to drive with one of these on the back,
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