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alphaannealphaanne Posts: 48
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Hey peeps,

Iv not long regained strength and fitness after a devastating injury put me out of the game for 6years ..... its ok not looking for sympathy, had enough of that from my self :oops:
What I am looking for is anyone in my area who gets out and about and wouldnt mind a bit of company?
I stay near Falkirk in Bonnybridge....Ive used Carron Valley a few times as its only 15mins in car for me....Infact Im trying to organise night rides there, but ill make another thread for that..... :lol:
Even any suggestions for other local areas to bike? With :D or without :( friends...
Any help is greatly appreciated
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  • Stirling Bike Club do a Monday night Female riders night - basically all female riders get together and go ride, then chat and socialise and's been very successful with getting women out on the bikes - they egg each other on and help anyone who has any fears or issues with areas of riding...a very friendly mix that are always on the lookout for new riders to join them.
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  • JoycieJoycie Posts: 127
    Hi Alpha Anne,

    Did you try out Stirling Bike Club? If so what's it like?

    I'm in the first few weeks of ownership of a Myka Expert and am timidly looking to get out on it and gain experience. I'm over the east side of Falkirk
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