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Cycle Safe London

woodford2barbicanwoodford2barbican Posts: 1,505
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I posted this on another thread on Friday - but I think it deserves a thread to itself.

I think if we are going to harness any of the anger & energy following the recent deaths and serious injuries we need to get organised, this is one way of doing that.

I know that there are many people who have been doing similar for years - but this may be a chance for us to make a difference due to the rising number of commuter cyclists in London.

In order for it to work this needs to be as broad a church as possible - so come over to the link, register and get involved.

This site was set up by the guys on londonfgss - if we get involved and someone gets CycleChat involved and then there is ACF etc etc

Things (good things) could happen.


  • chaleychaley Posts: 100
    A good call!
    Just one thing (and this isn't an anti-London thing) shouldn't this be a national thing? people all over the country get kill/maimed on our roads everyday, yes more in London than else where, but that is down to numbers and not that lorry/bus drivers in other parts of great Britain are better drivers or can see you any more clearly on your bike. A national thing would get better result would in not?
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  • Signed and delivered.

    Came across this ridiculous petition on there:

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  • Done the petition...

    And yes, that is a ridiculous petition... Luckily only about 8 signatures.

    If you search cycl* on the retitions site, you can see all the cycling petitions running at the minute, as well as a few about cyclones!

    Lots of people wanting cyclists to pay tax/have insurance.

    Also, if you hit the 'rejected' tab you can see lots of ranty ranty ones about the same. :lol:

    On the 'closed' tab I quite liked this one :
  • KryptonKrypton Posts: 466
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    Announcement thread added to CC:

    BR credited too! :D

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  • BassjunkieukBassjunkieuk Posts: 4,232
    Signed and delivered.

    Came across this ridiculous petition on there:


    Oh cycle tracks by the road side :-) When I read that I had the picture of a proper racing track in my head, in which case I'd happily sign up :-)

    EDIT: Signed the original petition...
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  • julietpjulietp Posts: 67
    When I lived in London, the cycle lane next to the dual carriage way in my regular commute was more dangerous than the dual carriage way what with the amount of debris on it. Thankfully the dual carriage way was populated mostly by lorries who I have always found to be more than courteous to cyclists (in general).

    In Essex where I live now, I had a driver tell me to use the cycle lane when I was on the road... The cycle lane that was populated by joggers!
  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,525
    I might agree to it if the law also meant any car entering a cycle lane at any point was taken from the owner and crushed.

    Isn't it funny that the rednecks that normally want nothing to do with taxes suddenly make a complete U turn when it comes to cycling. I've always said I'd be happy to pay proportionally for my use of the roads - which I think would cost me about 5p a year - if it shut those road tax bores up.

    As it happens I pay tax for my car - so am in fact subsidising cost of the roads as I hardly ever drive.
  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    Porgy wrote:
    As it happens I pay tax for my car - so am in fact subsidising cost of the roads as I hardly ever drive.
    We all do whether we drive or not. Local loop road maintenance is paid for out of council tax revenues...
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