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tora or dart

spidanspidan Posts: 59
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Ive got 600 quid for a bike. im a bit con fused as to what makes a good spec which is the better fork tora or dart 3.
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Dart 3 is the top of the Dart range, Tora's are a different range of Rockshox forks again and in a different class and therefore much better.

    Be aware there are different incarnations of the Tora fork as well, some being 'better' than others.


    Links are as follows

    3 different XC incarnations and 3 more trail incarnations
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  • I was able to ride a £500 Felt around the shop with Darts on (2's I think, but could have been 3's) and then the £700 one I ended up buying with Toras and the difference was noticable, even on a flat wooden floor. The Darts are just a budget elastomer shock I beleive.
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  • bay86bay86 Posts: 17
    Why are you asking the same questions that have already been addressed in this thread? ... 9&start=15

    You've actually posted on the above thread too so you can see what peoples opinions of the forks is anyway!
  • spidanspidan Posts: 59
    no mention of shocks in the above thread bay.
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  • bay86bay86 Posts: 17
    You obviously don't read things very thoroughly as both myself and Supersonic comment that the Tora's are a better fork than the Dart in that thread. Read it again son.
  • BelphegorBelphegor Posts: 154
    Another thing on the Darts, the ones I tried squeaked/creaked at every depression which was instantly annoying.
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Toras are better - good perfomers and relaible. Darts just aren't - they are a bit cheap and nasty for sustained abuse. You can always upgrade after they've seen a winter though I guess.
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