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Bike on Transpennine Express L'pool-York, NXEC York-Durham

alex16zxalex16zx Posts: 153
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Don't think I will get a response in the other train thread so I'm posting a new topic.
Not exactly commuting, but I'm going back up to Durham for uni with my bike, and I have reservations for both the Transpennine Express and East Coast Main Line trains, but I was just wondering doew the guard take it off me and put it somewhere or do I just take it in the carriage with me>? There is room in the TP express trains but I doubt it on the old GNER trains.


  • I travel on the TP Express from stalybridge to leeds.

    So not sure if this will help but here goes...

    There is a cycle area with velcro straps (marked on the outside of the carriage with a bike) on all the trains i get on.

    There is also an area between the enginer and first class with foldy seats where you can put a bike but no straps.
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  • Thanks for that, the Liverpool - Scarborough route goes through Stalybridge and Leeds (at least every one I've been on does) so I assume it's the same train. Thanks for the info!
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