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fixing point for 'bungee' on pannier

Specialized NeedsSpecialized Needs Posts: 802
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Hope this place is suitable for asking this type of thing...

I bought a pannier, fixed it, safely stowed away the bits I couldn't work out what they were for, then bought a bungee strap for the pannier. I now realise that one (well, two) of the bits were brackets with holes for the hook of the bungee - but I've stored the bits away so safely that I can't find them :oops:

I can best descibe them as like bits of Meccano strut with a hole to attach to the fixing point by the rear wheel, and a larger hole for the bungee hook. Not the best description, but if I could find a picture, I'd probably be able to find the part!

Anyhow ... does anyone know where I can buy such a fixing? I suppose I could contact the pannier manufacturer, but thought I'd try here first (would need an extra set for my wife's pannier, anyhow).



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