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Free Scalp on Offer

LittigatorLittigator Posts: 1,262
edited August 2008 in Commuting chat
I'll be heading out to race at Hillingdon tonight so if you fancy a free scalp, I'll be bimbling along to conserve energy in dynamo shorts and gillet on a black carbon Scaer (no, I know no ones heard of it)...

If you really want to get my goat shout "Catch me if you can" as you zip past :evil:
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  • Enjoy! I won't be there to scalp you...

    My road bike is a Mercurio RA52-18... yeah, a well-known brand, isn't it? I nearly fell off on sunday reaching down to change gear and hitting a pothole simultaneously... who says women can multitask?

    I'm swapping my kensington - ealing run for the more tiresome kensington - liverpool street one for one night only (back by popular demand)
  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    who says women can multitask?

    As my Brother always says - "....women CAN multitask, they just do loads of things REALLY badly!" :lol:
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