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Climbing Snowdon!

robbiemagicrobbiemagic Posts: 132
edited August 2008 in MTB rides
I am off to north wales with some mates this saturday 30th till the 2nd, and am keen to cycle up Snowdon but my mates arent so keen. Was wondering if anyone else was planning on doing it this weekend or monday or tuesday? As i dont fancy doing it on my own really

I thought about doing the route which was in MBR i think which was climbing snowdon one way then decending the other side. I realise it would have to be done before 10am so am ready for an early start!
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You jammy sod, the weather'r been censored here recently, but it's meant to be nice over that very weekend! :evil: :lol:
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