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South West Wales MTB locations ?

le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
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Last time I was in Afan I bumped into someone who mentioned some great trails further West, maybe in Pembrokeshire ?

I’ve forgotten the location, anyone know of this place or anywhere else South West Wales ? I’m getting bored of the same trails all the time and fancy something different without going to Scotland.



  • le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
    Think it must be thanks. Can't see anything else.

    Looking forward to getting stuck into some new trails.
  • le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
    Rode these rides last weekend, the Raven (black) and Gorlech (red) and Cwm Rhaeadr trail (red).

    Pretty good, but muddy and the Raven needs some more work as some parts a quagmire, but nice doing new stuff. Cwm Rhaeadr pretty and deserted, but short.

    I also got caught in some sort of endless loop after missing a turn on the Raven was going round in circles until I realised, and then had to fire road it back. There seems to be sections of the Raven all over the place, even rode a bit of it that I hadn't done earlier as part of the Gorlech, very confusing.

    Anyone else have these issues or is it just be being a muppet ?
  • Rode the Raven and the Gorlech last Sunday, really enjoyed myself. Was hard going in places, lots of mud, and evil roots but that made the ride that bit more challenging and having the mix of different surfaces to ride on gave it a nice variety. However looks like some of the trail is getting battered and already needs attention and parts of the muddy trails were too slippery to ride. The section before the log run was so muddy my bike ended up with a ton of mud on it, the wheels didn't want to go round, however i found myself giggling at the ridiculousnesses of the situation, covered in mud attempting to ride my bike along what is essentially a trough full of the most slippery substance know to man. I couldn't stay up right let alone move forward on flat ground. Iit was also a friendly day, lots of people out and all were enjoying themselves despite the mud. Lots of people commented it was nice having a change from the man made trails at most centers. Being covered in mud made me feel like a kid when I used to get covered in the stuff fooling around on my bike in the woods.

    Nice to have such a good day out during a very soggy summer, cheers
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