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Agonising Cramps

888trojan888888trojan888 Posts: 29
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Im a keen MTBer with a good level of fitness and i am after some advice on dreaded condition CRAMP. I regularly visit the Peaks, Lakes and Wales for some big climbs and down hills, however when i hit the 30 -35 mile mark i get agonising cramps to the point where my whole leg just locks, hams, quads and calves all at once.

I keep my self hydrated and on the last ride i was taking electrolyte supllements all through the ride and eating plenty of energy bars, however i still got the cramps.

I do sweat heavily when i train or ride and wonder if this may have anything to do with it. I must point out I do ride regularly and feel my level of fitness is good and a make sure i eat properly before rides. On the last ride one of my riding mates who does no training at all out lasted me because of these cramps.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreicated as im planning to enter the Merida Marathon in Penrith in Sept and dont want this experienced ruined



  • Go to the chemist and get Dioralyte sachets. I mix a sachet in half a glass of water and down it just before a ride. Works for me!!!
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