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Triathlon; Pre-race Meal

Holty74Holty74 Posts: 50

I'm competing in the Olympic distance at the London Triathlon this year for the 1st time. I've been given my race start time as 8:30am and with this i'm kinda struggling on what the ideal pre race meal would be?

I did a warm up on saturday by completing the full distance at the start time i was given. I ate a bowl of porridge with fruit 2hrs before starting. On the bike i had a bottle with lucozade sport in and a bottle with water and the same on the run.

I felt fine until say 3k into the run, hit a rather large hill and really started to feel the lack of energy. i completed it in a decent enough time (i think) 2hrs 45secs but was dying on my ar*e on the last 1k, headache forming etc

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some tips for the meal before thats worked for them? also on the bike, should i use the botle split of a sports drink and water?

your help is much appreciated


  • BlackHelmetBlackHelmet Posts: 113
    Having a good meal the night before is also important. I would rarely have more than a bowl of cereal and a honey bagle for breakfast (with a banana & some honey shortly before race start). It's also important to start drinking as soon as you get on the bike. If you don't fancy gloop on the bike then tape a couple of gels to your top-tube.
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